Board Meeting Minutes
These are the minutes from the most recent board meeting. Older meeting minutes will be available as pdf files for download.
JULY 12, 2015
Jorge O’Neill, Ken Bullock, George Beiler, Jim Phillips, Amanda Krenos, John Martellaro, Stacy Moser, Jason McClitis, Dennis Hainley
Treasurer’s Report:
     Current balance of $4,583.85. Our end year difference from starting balance improved.  In 2013-14, we ended up down on our starting balance by $537.44 for the year.  This year, we ended up on our starting balance by $685.89. We improved in our charitable donations.  In 2013-14, we had a THON Donation of $500.  This year, we had a THON Donation ($500), a Cedar Cove Donation ($500), and a Sunflower House Donation ($500).
     Ken reported that the format change for the spring banquet, to a more casual setting, did not produce the hoped-for boost in attendance. The club decided to survey the membership on this and other matters.
    The Board discussed ways to boost membership. One idea was to have members-only events, because some alumni attend club events even though they have not formally joined or paid the fee. Another was to have a price differential for events with non-members paying a higher rate.
Cedar Cove:
    The board discussed several potential dates for our next work project at Cedar Cove. George will check with the management about Nov. 14, a Saturday without a Penn State football game. Because the organization prefers smaller group, we will limit this project to 12 participants, with the first 12 signing up via the survey on the team.
Fox & Hound Banner:
    The board agreed to have a Penn State banner made to hang at Fox & Hound for football Saturdays, which will include the chapter logo and the chapter web address.
Other items:
     The board discussed possibly designating raffle proceeds on football Saturdays to specific recipients, such as Sunflower House, Cedar Cove or the chapter scholarship fund.
     The Central Iowa chapter is starting a regional newsletter for Midwest chapters; we will contribute items to the newsletter.

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